Sunday, October 12, 2008


KTT is a type of train set used by the MTR Corporation Limited in Hong Kong on the route. The KTT is not the only service from Hong Kong to China, Guangdong service is also provided by the mainland Chinese railway operators.

The "Ktt" trailers have lower bottom floor than the ordinary cars serving on the same pair of tracks.


* Beijing Line
** Hung Hum
** Beijing

* Shanghai Line
** Hung Hum
** Shanghai

* Guangdong Line
** Hung Hum
** Donguan
** Foshan
** Zhaoqing

Rolling Stock

Between January to May 1998 the "KTT" cars provided service between and stations. After the whole route was , the KTT serves non-stop between Hung Hom Station and Guangzhou East railway station. Although the train model has a top speed of , KTT only runs at a maximum speed of . Under normal demand, KTT has seven compartments . However, during peak season, the train sets are expanded to eight compartments.

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